Live Interactive sonic storytelling
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Live Interactive sonic storytelling
Description of Work:

'ChatterBox' is a groundbreaking interactive installation that premiered at the Tin Shed, Uni Sydney in 2013, by Miriama Young with Oliver Bown. This innovative piece is a fusion of live signal processing, Raspberry Pi technology (small, single-board computers), and the charm of Dickensian storytelling. The aim was to craft an inventive sonic landscape that transcends the conventional tropes of electronic music.

The performance highlighted an extensive range of compositional approaches for both percussion and electronics. The innovative use of micro-computers and live signal processing provided the audience with an enveloping experience, where spatialized sine waves meet a beautiful, shimmering static layer.

While other pieces in the concert made use of traditional percussion instruments and chance-based compositional techniques, 'ChatterBox' distinguished itself as a pioneering work probing the potential of micro-computers in music creation.

The details of this piece are as follows:

Title: ChatterBoxYear: 2013 Instrumentation: Interactive installation featuring voices and micro-computers (Raspberry Pis).Duration: 11 minutes

Premiere: February 21, 2013, at the Old School House, Darlington, University of Sydney.

'ChatterBox' is a testament to the imaginative possibilities when technology, storytelling, and music converge, offering a unique experience to the audience and continuing to inspire innovation in the world of music.

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